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Is your supply chain pandemic and post EU transition (Brexit) proof?


This workshop is aimed at SMEs who rely on their supply chain to ensure continued delivery of their products and services to customers.


It will help business owners evaluate if their supply chain is robust enough to withstand challenges such as the pandemic and post EU transition and provides attendees with the ability to create a solid supply chain.


Navigate to the event Is your supply chain pandemic and post EU transition (Brexit) proof? On Business Wales Events Finder to register


At the end of the workshop, each participant will be able to determine:


  • How the creation of a Sustainable Supply Chain will help ‘weather storms’ such as COVID and post EU transition
  • Is your business Brexit ready? – we will guide you through some of the practical points that businesses should be aware of for a smooth transition and overcoming potential supply chain issues
  • If you don’t have an existing plan in place – how to create one
  • How to recognise the threats
  • Do you know your partners – your customers as well as your suppliers
  • The foundation economy – buying closer to home, what it means and how it can benefit you
  • Cash flow or profit? – what’s more important to your business during times of crisis
  • Innovation - using technology to help you plan
  • What employers should know and do ahead of the UK leaving the EU, including information regarding the EU settlement scheme – how employees can apply to remain in the UK and how this affects business visitors.
  • Post Covid  (beware of the third wave!)