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Research & Insights Dynamic Purchasing System for Welsh Government Research Contracts


In 2021 Welsh Government encouraged key suppliers in the Research category, including all Universities, to apply for Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Research Marketplace – a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) providing research to public bodies across the UK.       

An 'open market' solution, a DPS is designed to give buyers access to a pool of pre-qualified suppliers, unlike a framework a DPS is an electronic system which suppliers can join at any time.

The existing DPS ends on the 15/02/2022 and a new Research & Insights DPS has been established and is live now. WG will continue to tender research requirements over the value of £25,000 through the new DPS and encourages current registered and interested suppliers to register.

All suppliers will need to register on the new Research & Insights DPS regardless of whether they are on the existing DPS.

Using the DPS provides numerous benefits including a ready-made platform for procuring research, reduction in time to procure for both the buying organisation and the supplier, opportunities for new suppliers to apply for the duration of the DPS and improved business intelligence. Suppliers will also have the opportunity to be invited for additional requirements across the wider Public Sector. The CCS Research DPS is a separate process to the Welsh Government Sell2Wales advertising process. When the Welsh Government use the CCS Research DPS, all tender information is advertised through the CCS DPS portal.  The WG will look to use the CCS DPS instead of tendering openly via sell2wales in the first instance. 

Applying for the DPS is a 7 stage process:

  1. Register on CCS Supplier Registration Service
  2. Register on the CCS eSourcing Tool to ensure you are invited to Calls for Competition- ensure you have selected the correct filters- you will only be informed of requirements for the filters selected
  3. Ensure the name and DUNS number on the CCS eSourcing tool matches your SRS registration and your DPS Selection Questionnaire (DPSQ) for RM6126
  4. Complete RM6126 DPSQ satisfying the DPS Selection Criteria.
  5. Supplier moves to “Assessing” stage – CCS compliance checks
  6. Supplier moves to “Agreeing” stage – Sign-off to complete appointment on the DPS
  7. Supplier moves to “Appointed” stage – Fully registered and able to bid in Calls for Competition.

CCS anticipate it takes up to one week to complete stages 1 to 4 and a further two to four weeks for stages 5 to 7. The CCS Bid Pack, Presentation and DPS Marketplace Instructions provides further detail of the process and CCS provide technical support at every stage through their support line 0845 299 2994 or an online contact form.

The new CCS Research & Insights DPS is live now and expires in December 2025, WG aim to procure research contracts over £25k via the DPS for the entire period that the DPS is live. We would encourage your organisation to apply for the DPS so you do not miss the opportunity to bid for our contracts.

If you would like to discuss our plans further please contact me via