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Case Study - WebBox Digital

WebBox Digital are a professional website development and online marketing service based in Penarth, who specialise in innovative design and marketing strategies which materialise a return on investment. We are a team of seven, with specialists in web development, graphic design, and online marketing strategies such as Pay-Per-Click, SEO, Facebook Advertising and Email Marketing.


Back in 2008, Will Roberts started operating out of his bedroom, with the vision of developing a company that combined traditional customer care with state of the art technology. Today this is WebBox Digital, a dynamic digital agency employing a team of dedicated designers, developers, online marketers and admin staff to handle the many varied projects that we undertake.


We have won business through Sell2Wales that has helped us to broaden our portfolio and grow as a company. For example, we have gained work for St Mary’s Pharmaceutical Unit, part of Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board, which has expanded our portfolio within the health industry.


As organizations and individuals we are increasingly dependent on information technology, websites and software in our daily activities. However, any restriction on the availability of a language within technology can affect how we use it during these daily activities. For Wales, this means that websites and applications should provide equal support for both Welsh and English, giving users the choice to use their preferred language. Our track record with developing bilingual websites stands us in great stead when meeting potential clients and tendering for new business.


One of the biggest challenges we have faced has been getting in front of the right types of businesses. The tenders that we are granted access to through Sell2Wales have allowed us to pitch for, and gain, local business. It’s great to keep the work within Wales and this has also helped us to get in front of more of the right businesses.


Don’t be put off by having to tender for business. It’s part and parcel of our industry and once you work it out you should start to benefit from the results. Our advice when tendering would be to really take care when putting your tender together. Adjudicators can be very strict so always follow the marking criteria!


We also would recommend the Business Wales training events, which have offered invaluable practical advice from experienced professionals.