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Welsh Water and WaterSafe briefing note for employers and businesses


WaterSafe is the national register of qualified, approved plumbers, supported by all UK water companies, including Welsh Water, and the drinking water regulator.

It was set up to promote competent plumbers and help keep the UK’s drinking water safe in homes and businesses.


Why use a WaterSafe plumber?

WaterSafe Approved Plumbers are qualified and have specific training in the Water Fittings Regulations – protecting you, your business and your employees from poor installation or the use of sub-standard plumbing products which could contaminate your drinking water.

All premises supplied by Welsh Water are required to comply with these regulations, so it’s important that only qualified WaterSafe approved plumbers work on your premises – who can ensure the plumbing is compliant.

Welsh Water works closely with WaterSafe and its members to ensure their work complies with the regulations. Plumbers are audited by Welsh Water before being recommended to WaterSafe, and then supports them with free help and advice should they need it.


What else can a WaterSafe plumber offer?

  • Peace-of-mind with a name you can trust – all WaterSafe approved plumbers are members of an Approved Contractors’ Scheme, ensuring plumbing work meets the highest standards.
  • A ‘work completed’ certificate stating their plumbing work complies with the Water Regulations – giving you a legal defence if something is later found to be wrong.
  • Time saved on your plumbing project – WaterSafe Approved Plumbers are trusted by Welsh Water to carry out certain types of work without the need to give advanced notification (usually 10 days)
  • Water and energy savings – WaterSafe plumbers can offer advice on how to avoid wasting water, which in turn saves on heating water.
  • All members of WaterSafe also carry minimum levels of Public Liability Insurance.


Choose WaterSafe

 With the average repair of a botched plumbing job costing £426, it makes sense to hire an approved plumber who’ll get the job done right, first time.

From plumbing emergencies to advice on water-saving fittings and fixtures, the next time you need a plumber visit and use the WaterSafe search bar.

 You can also contact the Welsh Water Regulations Team at

 To find out more about WaterSafe visit or call 0333 207 9030.