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Find a Tender Service (FTS) Buyer update: Publishing EU funded notices on Sell2Wales


The UK government has developed a replacement e-notification system called Find a Tender Service (FTS) to replace the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and Tenders Electronic Daily (TED).

However, any new contract/framework for EU funded programmes or frameworks where any subsequent call-off will be subject to the allocation of EU funds still need to be advertised on OJEU/TED. To do this, you will need to tick the ‘EU funded’ box (Question II.2.13) when completing the contract notice creation form on Sell2Wales. Ticking this box will automatically alert Sell2Wales that the details need to be published on OJEU/TED.

Please note that EU funded notices will be published on TED and Sell2Wales only, and will not be published on FTS.

All enquiries can be directed to:

  • Sell2Wales Technical enquiries – contact the Sell2Wales technical support helpline on 0800 222 9004.