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Funding for businesses looking to reduce electricity demand

The Department of Energy & Climate Change is looking to support projects that deliver lasting reductions in electricity demand, for example through the installation of a more efficient lighting system or pump. This can help cut energy bills, reduce business costs and help bring down emissions. Your Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) project will need to be based in Great Britain and deliver savings during the winter electricity peak demand times. The first step is to register your interest. If your project qualifies you will be invited to take part in a competitive auction. Winning bids will be those that represent best value for money – the lowest price for each kW offered. The first EDR Pilot auction is for a total of £10 million and is being held in January 2015. To register your interest in taking part in the pilot, or if you have questions, contact You will need to submit your formal expression of interest by 30 September 2014. You can find out more about the project and download the handbook and application forms on the EDR pilot scheme on the GOV.UK website