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Arbed am Byth

Arbed am Byth is a joint venture formed between Energy Saving Trust and Everwarm with the sole purpose of delivering the next phase of the Welsh Government’s Arbed programme in communities across Wales. In April 2018, the Welsh Government announced that Arbed am Byth had been selected to manage the next phase of Arbed across a contract term of up to five years.

Retro-fitting measures and technologies considered under Arbed include:
Solid wall insulation,
Loft insulation and draught proofing,
Boiler and heating system upgrades (controls),
Heat pumps,
The provision of energy saving advice.

Since 2012, more than 60 schemes have been delivered under both parts of Arbed, creating over 1,000 local jobs and exceeding our targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the impact of fuel poverty on households in Wales.

Arbed am Byth’s role is to manage the programme from end-to-end; beginning with the development of schemes and local relationships, carrying out whole-house assessments, providing tailored packages of recommended energy efficiency measures for each home, procuring and working with local installers to fit any required improvements, inspecting and signing off all measures before undertaking detailed and collaborative evaluations of each scheme.

Arbed am Byth’s approach is centred on the customer experience that will be provided in local communities; working to a contract with the Welsh Government that incentivises the delivery of a high-quality, responsive and consistent service in every area of the country. No two schemes will be the same, no two properties will be the same and no two customers will be the same – adapting to individual circumstances and taking a flexible and responsive approach to the needs of different places and customers will be a key element of Arbed am Byth’s approach.

A key requirement of the delivery of Arbed will be to maximise the long-term benefits to Welsh communities, particularly in terms of job creation, apprenticeships and the provision of training opportunities in key areas. All of Arbed am Byth’s partners will be expected to adopt a similar approach to delivery.

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