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Transport for Wales

We are a wholly owned, not-for-profit company that was established to provide support and expertise to the Welsh Government in connection to transport projects in Wales.
We are one of the delivery elements of the Welsh Government's vision for delivering a transformational integrated transport system in Wales, providing high-quality, safe, affordable and sustainable transport for all.
We are currently designing and undertaking the procurement process for the next Wales and Border Rail Service and Metro on behalf of the Welsh Government.
Contact us:
Transport for Wales
Southgate House, 
Wood Street, 
CF10 1EW


Follow us on Twitter: @transport_wales 

For more information on us please see:  

To see all our procurement notices:

TfW is currently progressing work on appointing Infrastructure Delivery Partners (IDP)

A Periodic Indicative Notice published on the Sell2Wales website relates to ECI Design and Construction Opportunities arising from the Metro programme and can be found here:  

The requirement includes:
–  Design, construct & maintain power supply 
–  Design, construct and maintain civil works projects 
–  Design, construct and maintain modifications to the rail permanent way

Further opportunities will be published on this project page. 

Innovation is a key issue and in accordance with Welsh Government Innovation Strategy we are encouraging suppliers to link up with Innovative ideas available through the Rail Safety Standards Board and Innovate UK. 

More information can be found here:

Rail Safety Standards Board: Rail technical strategy solutions catalogue.pdf  

Innovate UK: Innovate UK Guide

A list of suppliers potentially interested in the Rail Service and Metro supply chain can be downloaded here:

For presentations from the Rail Services and Metro Development Awareness Raising event on the 22nd March in St. Asaph click here:

Transport for Wales Rail Services / Keolis Amey Operations Limited
Transport for Wales - Core Valley Lines
Amey Keolis Infrastructure/Seilwaith Amey Keolis Limited

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Low value notice below the EU thresholds Additional documents attached to notice. Postbox can be used for notice. 
Payroll Provider to Transport for Wales
Reference No: SEP310281
Published By: Transport for Wales
Deadline Date: 18-Oct-19
Notice Type: Contract Notice
Notice published in European Journal Additional documents attached to notice. Postbox can be used for notice. 
Railway Advertising at Managed Stations and on Trains Concession Agreement
Reference No: SEP310256
Published By: Transport for Wales
Deadline Date: 18-Nov-19
Notice Type: 24 Contract Notice (Concessions)
Low value notice below the EU thresholds Additional documents attached to notice. Postbox can be used for notice. 
Transport for Wales - Deeside Ground Investigation Works
Reference No: SEP309579
Published By: Transport for Wales
Deadline Date: 16-Oct-19
Notice Type: Contract Notice
Sub-contract notice Additional documents attached to notice. Postbox can be used for notice. Relates to a project/programme financed by EU Funds 
Taff's Well Integrated Control Center - Building Fit Out (exc Foundations, Steelwork and MEP)
Reference No: AUG306181
Published By: Alun Griffiths Contractors
Deadline Date: 30-Aug-19
Notice Type: Sub-Contract Opportunity