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Icons explained

Icons are displayed alongside notices according to the type of notice being advertised:

Notice Types

Site Notice

Represents a lower value notice below the FTS/EU thresholds.

FTS Notice

Represents a notice above the FTS/EU threshold, sent to FTS.

OJEU Notice

Represents a notice above the FTS/EU thresholds, sent to TED.

Stage 2 notice

Represents a stage 2 notice.

Sub contract notice

Represents a sub-contract notice published by a private organisation.

Quick Quote

Represents a Quick Quote notice.

Consortia bidding

Represents a notice suitable for consortia bidding.

Additional Options

The following icons are used to represent options chosen by the buyer for each notice type. These icons ONLY appear alongside a notice if the buyer has elected to use particular facilities available on the site:


The paper clip indicates that additional documents have been attached to a notice and are available to download from the site.


The key indicates the buyer requests submissions to a notice via the postbox facility. This facility provides a secure environment for submissions to a locked postbox.

Tender Module

This icon indicates that the authority is using eTenderwales to carry out this procurement process. To access eTenderwales and record your interest in this notice please visit
If you are not already registered with eTenderwales, registration will be required.

EU Community Funded

The Euro sign indicates that a notice relates to a project/programme financed by EU funds.

An overview of the specific functions is available in the Site User Guides.