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Transport for Wales Rail Services

Transport for Wales (TfW) are a procuring agent for the Welsh Government and exist to drive forward the Welsh Government’s vision of a high quality, safe, integrated, affordable and accessible transport network that the people of Wales are proud of. TfW is key to delivering the Welsh Government’s key themes as set out in Prosperity for All: The National Strategy.

TfW have procure Keolis Amey to provide the South Wales Metro project. The vision is to provide a service that is truly 'turn up and go', with better integration with other modes of transport, including buses, and flexible ticketing options.  Travellers will be able to move easily across the south-east Wales region with improved capacity, improved quality and improved passenger information.

Keolis Amey will:
- Operate and improve the wider Wales and Cross Borders service via a 15 year franchise.
- Design and manage the development and delivery of a £738m investment to transform the Core Valley Lines (CVL).
- Act as Infrastructure Managerof the CVL (this shall transfer from Network Rail to Keolis Amey).
- Operate the CVL rail service.

Keolis Amey have extensive experience in delivering works of a similar nature via the operation and maintenance of both the Docklands Light Railway (London) and Metrolink (Manchester)

The £738m CVL tarnsformation budget covers a broad spectrum of rail type works to both improve and renew existing assets. This scope includes, but is not limited to:
- Provision of a new rail depot at Taffs Well to stable & service train and operate the network.
- Refurbish stations to enhance passenger experience.
- Extend stations by creating new platforms.
- Electrify a significant amount of the rail network to reduce travel time and allow use of new metro carraiges.
- Renew / upgrade tracks as required.

Within the Grant Agreement (Contract) in place between TfW and Keolis Amey, Keolis Amey are able to self deliver CVL transformation works. However,TfW have a vision of creating a lasting legacy in Wales and therefore a significant portion of the CVL transformation works shall be awarded to large companies and Small - Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In this instance Keolis Amey shall act as the procuring agent and undertake the supply chain engagement, tender and evaluation process but all subsequent contracts will be between TfW and the supplier.

This page therefore relates to those works packages only. For works packages between Keolis Amey and suppliers please refer to the standalone Keolis Amey page.

Further information on Transport for Wales Rail Services projects can be found at the following link:

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